A Response to OGSomeGuy about Life and Racial Diversity

Thanks for the reply, to my article, OGSomeGuy.

“I dont think we do everything to prevent the pain of dying. what pain are you talking about?”

It just hurts to die. It hurts to starve to death. It hurts to be attacked and eaten by animals. This is the pain we work to avoid. This is the reason why a worm being attacked by ants will flail aggressively as the tiny ants eat it. The worm flailing in pain from the ant bites increases the probability of the worm surviving. There is a chance that the worm could shake the ant off then crawl away. This is the reason why the worm feels pain in the first place. If there was no benefit to be gained from pain response it never would have been selected for evolutionarily. The only reason a worm feels pain is because the reaction to the pain, flailing from the ant bites, has increased the probability that worms will survive over the past many million years, and this is why 100% of worms developed this flailing reaction to pain.

The pain is the pain of dying. The worm doesn’t know anything, but it feels the pain of dying, so it works, it flails, in the unending pursuit of avoiding this pain. Even if it is futile, the worm will still flail until the ants have killed it because that’s all the worm is designed to do. The worm is designed to work to avoid the pain of dying. Worms don’t think, worms just act, their actions evolved to ensure the greatest probability of survival, and this means avoiding death. Pain is a sensory mechanism which helps direct worms away from behavior which causes death, one of which is doing nothing while ants bite the worm. Even if it’s a 1% chance the worm escapes, that 1% was enough to ensure that the trait eventually spread to all worms.

“we past the need to diferentiate ppl by race”

This is an idealistic approach. Sure, there’s no need to differentiate people by race. If I am going to a dog racing track and I want to race my dog, they will let me enter any dog into that race. It could be a chihuahua and I can still enter the dog into the race. That doesn’t mean that dog is going to win the race. If I want my dog to win the race, then this is the point where I need to differentiate between breeds of dog and choose something like a greyhound. While you can have a dog race with any breeds of dog, if you want a dog race that consists of solely the fastest and most competitive dogs for racing, you need to find something quick like a greyhound. Dog racing is like work for humans, the parallel here is that having a slow dog on the track is like having a bad worker at the factory.

Again, let’s say I want to fight my dog. I want my dog to win. If I were to take this greyhound that is very good at racing into the dog fight, the greyhound would get destroyed. Again this is a point where I need to differentiate between breeds of dog because each dog has a very different range of things which it is good at. If I’m going to fight my dog, I’m going to want a pit bull or a good fighting dog, because even though my greyhound is good at racing, it’s not going to be very good at fighting.

This is all I’m saying. It’s true you don’t need to differentiate between races. You can easily have a dog race full of random breeds from chihuahuas to greyhounds, and you can have a dog fight between pit bulls and golden retrievers. The issue is that you’re not choosing the optimum breed of dog for the task. Differentiating between races means that people can actually understand the natural strengths and weaknesses of their race, just like how we can understand the different strengths and weaknesses of dog breeds. Yes, they are all dogs, just like we are all people, but the dogs are very different dogs, and we are very different people

When race is taboo, you end up with a situation where people being pit-bulls to the race track or bring their greyhound to the dog-fighting ring. You end up with very bad results just because people don’t respect that certain animals perform other tasks better than other animals. It’s like loading up a dogsled with chihuahuas and pit-bulls rather than using huskies. That dogsled isn’t going to go very far. It’s not that one race is good or bad, it’s that the differences between races are all valuable, and when we don’t take advantage of this value, we are losing optimization within our society and thus being less successful as a community and a nation.


Here is an article where I briefly explain what proper reproduction looks like. This isn’t any sort of archaic racist model, but instead it is just using the exact same model we use for all other domesticated plants and animals. This is the science of agriculture animal husbandry and this is why the human race has been able to create civilization. This isn’t “pseudoscience”, this is hard science which the human race is reluctant to accept because of ethical concerns.

I know this is a lot to read, so here is a picture to summarize much of my point. This is a picture of wild corn vs modern corn. Modern corn has been produced by selective breeding over the course of thousands of years, and now genetic modification over the course of a few decades. The question is “Do you want to be the Teosinte Human, or do you want to be the Modern Corn Human?” ; Arguing against this sort of science being applied to humans is arguing that Teosinte is a superior crop to modern corn, which is clearly not the case at all.

Humans right now are the Teosinte because we have never subjected ourselves to selective breeding and proper animal husbandry. If we applied these sciences we’ve known for 4,000 years, and understand like the back of our hand, we can turn the current Teosinte Humans into the Modern corn humans which are remarkably better and more valuable in every way. If we can put our feelings aside, think of the children. Would you rather have your children live a life where they are struggling and weak like Teosinte? Or do you want your children to live a life where they are bountiful and strong like Modern corn?



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