American “Inflation” is Actually the Deflation of Labor

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The increasingly unnatural environment of the 21st century leads to psychological, sexual, sociological, and logistical dysfunction in humans which reduces the birth rate to problematic levels. This is a problem because human society has always been a pyramid scheme built upon the backs of the youth which only survives with a healthy triangle shaped distribution of ages.

Population Pyramids for Congo (healthy and natural) vs America (unhealthy and unnatural)

Without this triangle, then those at the top witness the collapse of their society and economy. The success and wealth endowed to the older generation is an entirely conditional success which is endowed under the presumption that this generation has birthed youth which will continue to ensure that the produced and earned wealth and capital of these generations retains value by remaining staffed with functional laborers.

We are currently experiencing this collapse with skyrocketing inflation since 1970. This coincides with the advent of contraception and the psychological neutering of females by forcing them into the male gender role of academic and laborer.

Your money is only worth 60% of what it was 20 years ago. The effect of inflation is compounded incredibly by the deflation of labor due to dysfunctional fertility in the USA.

The price of a new Ford F-150 in 1999 was about $15,000. The price of a new Ford F-150 today is about $30,000. This represents an effective inflation rate of 100%, despite the actual currency inflation only accounting for 60% of this inflation.

The other 40% of the experienced inflation is due to the deflation of labor, which due to supply and demand leads to increased wages. These wages are a form of increased overhead in the primary and secondary economies which leads to increased prices on the consumer end in the tertiary economy.

Economic Factors

Lower birth rate -> smaller labor pool -> supply and demand -> higher wages -> higher prices

A lower birth rate leads to a smaller labor pool. Supply and demand of labor causes the price of labor to increase. This results in price gouging by laborers as seen in unionism 40 years ago, now replaced with the disorganized “anti-work” movement we see today.

Technological advances lead to an increased upkeep cost in laborers due to increased demands for decadence. Originally, once hunger and thirst were satiated, workers would demand stable, long-term functional investments such as homes, appliances, and work clothes. A worker wanted to invest in something like an appliance, home, or car because it would provide him the greatest amount of value over the longest period of time.

Now, due to the decadence within which the youth were raised upon, workers expect and demand their wages to pay for non-productive valueless products such as entertainment, fashion, and decadent foods, much of which produces no permanent value from investment or betterment of their lives, but is offered as a “subscription to hedonism” that employers must pay to satiate their laborers.

Where the old worker was investing to build something of value, the modern worker is using his money to satiate his endless appetite for expensive, consumable hedonism.

Lack of labor -> understaffed secondary economy -> increased prices -> workers demand higher wages to pay for more expensive goods

One of the major sources of consumer-end inflation is the collapse of the secondary economy. Since raw materials must be manufactured into consumer goods, the cost of manufacturing is always relayed directly to the consumer. The dearth of skilled labor due to the “go to college” propaganda means that there is an incredibly problematic dearth of skilled manufacturers, causing a deflation of labor and greater expenses in attaining this labor.

For example, the Tesla Cybertruck looks the way it does because there was such a shortage of tool-and-die manufacturers that it was impossible to create an affordable car using the traditional styling of cars, since this styling requires extensive labor of tool-and-die machinists due to the large number of small parts.

Since manufactured goods now rise in price due to the lack of labor, this causes tertiary laborers to demand higher wages to pay for the manufactured goods which are now more expensive.

lack of labor -> decreased supply of housing -> prices rise -> workers demand more money

While people blame the housing shortage on a lack of affordable property, there is still endless undeveloped property which can be obtained relatively cheaply. The cost of building new housing and the required infrastructure is once again caused by the lack of laborers in these fields. This is caused by the “go to college” propaganda which means we suffer from a dearth of tradesmen necessary to build houses.

The price of wood is seen as a problem for home construction. The reaosn wood is expensive is because the primary sector of the economy has yet to return to the level of wood production it was at before the Great Recession.

The stock market maxed out at 14,000 before the recession in 2008. Despite the Stock Market reaching 35,800 last Friday (October 29, 2021) the industrial wood production index is only at 130, which is lower than the high of 140 back in 2008.

By the logic of proportion, the wood production would be at 350, 250% higher than in 2008, due to the market being 250% stronger. However, due to the lack of people willing to perform physical labor such as lumberjacking, the primary economy suffers from underemployment, leading to underproduction, which in turn leads to higher consumer-end prices.

Lack of stable housing -> less stable marriage -> less reproduction -> further diminished labor pool

This lack of affordable housing we have experienced in the last 10 years cripples the “idyllic” American labor replacement stratagem of “get married, buy house, and reproduce” falls apart because those of marriageable age are no longer capable of buying a house, those that are unable to afford a house often see themselves as unfit for marriage due to being unable to provide a home.

Those that do get married are reluctant to have children due to their lack of physical property they are working to pay off and own as a long-term establishment of housing which many see as necessary to support and sustain a healthy family.

This lack of reproduction necessary to fully staff the primary and secondary economies leads to a further crippling of the birth rate due to the lack of affordable property.

We have yet to experience the brunt of this collapse in labor and reproduction, but it will be fleshed out in full in the coming two decades as this impotent generation ages and the labor shortage skyrockets proportional to the dwindling birth rates.

Social Factors

Electronics diminish physical interactions -> diminished sexuality -> diminished birthrates

The advent of technology, and more so, the modern ubiquity of technology leads to an incredibly unnatural environment. Where once people would physically interact with each other, there is now this electronic alternative which causes the majority of people to opt for this vector due to ease of access.

The normalization of technology as the go-to means of socializing means that humans are much more averse to actually going out in public physically and engaging with people physically. Humans cannot reproduce when they do not engage physically, and this normalization of “virtual life” means that there is much less physical interaction necessary to actually sustain biological life through physical sexual interaction.

This is compounded by the extreme prevalence of “virtual sexuality” which causes many people to seek out the satiation of their sexual urges through virtual means, and this is a maladaptive trait due to the fact that the person attains some form of sexual gratification, naturally the reward for reproducing, without actually having reproductive sexual intercourse.

ethics and idealism used as propaganda -> reality does not meet expectations of idealists -> idealists experience social dysfunction due to flawed expectations of reality

A major flaw with the modern idealistic propaganda platform is that it causes the youth to develop a warped sense of reality. The idealist platform consists of creating extremely high expectations for reality, then showing the peasants reality in order to anger them and stoke them into demanding change.

While this does create buy-in for politicians who offer a “better tomorrow”, this causes severe dysfunction in humans whose perception of the world is so negative that this negativity, distrust, and perceived victimhood translates into their behaviors and social interactions.

This pessimism translates into these peoples’ sexuality, which in turn causes impotence and often suicidal ideation due to the depressive nature of constantly thinking “the world is very bad”.

Even if it is not the direct thought of “I am bad and unworthy of life”, when you think “These people are bad and unworthy of life” constantly, the negativity and death-focused ideology translates into a self-righteous and self-centered life where you do not see your own potential offspring as “worthy of life”, since these offspring would challenge and threaten your economic stability, forcing you to sacrifice much of the decadence you would feel “victimized” by the absence of.

General negativity and anti-social sentiments expressed by the idealists in their “society is bad and must be destroyed”, is a very destructive mentality, and those who think “the world is bad and the future is bleak since some things are imperfect”, as these people do, they will lack much of the necessary optimism, thinking “I can work hard and tomorrow will be better”, leading them to think “The future will be bright for my children, they will be happy and successful”

This is especially true when people don’t feel happy and successful, since when they do not feel happy and successful, they believe their potential offspring will not be happy and successful, and instead see reproduction as the perpetuation of their own discontentment, perceived victimhood, and alleged suffering.

Social expectations for female education and labor-> deminished marriage and -> diminished birth rates

Fabricated social instability and outrage -> psychological negativity contrary to reproduction

Due to the fact that idealists are aggressive in stoking discontentment in the general public with “shocking” images of imperfect aspects of life such as George Floyd, the endless outrage of these people and predilection towards destruction and antagonization, rather than production and protagonization, leads to a mentality which antagonizes their own reproduction.

These people do not seek to reproduce within a world they seek to destroy. They perhaps would reproduce once they have destroyed the world, but it is unlikely they would be willing to reproduce until they destroyed society and successfully replaced it.

The problem is that the indignant idealists will never succeed in destroying society, and even if they did, they would not be successful in creating their ideal society. This means that these people are generally dissuaded from reproduction without satisfy the constraints necessary for them to feel compelled to reproduce.

Victim culture -> inflated sense of self -> diminished selflessness -> diminished fertility

The prevalence and dominance of Victim Culture is another aspect of culture which hinders fertility. Victims are constantly worshiped and the people demand massive compensation for their victimhood.

Victim Culture asserts the dominion of the individual above society, simply due to their victimhood. This is problematic because being a victim is not a productive behavior, there is nothing of value produced by being a victim, so being compensated for victimhood creates serious problems economically, because the basis of the economy rests upon the logic that compensation is transferred to individuals for producing value.

Victims simply take value without producing anything. The fact that this mentality of taking, of getting, without producing anything, is so glorified and championed by the peasants then translates into their mannerisms, mentality, and behaviors.

These people now seek to find areas where they are the victim in order to be compensated. Their logic assumes that the way to be compensated is to be the victim, so they find endless things to complain about in order to assert victimhood in order to attain compensation.

The issue is still that being a victim produces nothing, so they are behaving in a manner which hinders the economy, since when nothing is produced, there is no capacity to compensate people. When everybody is a victim demanding compensation, there is no “collective wealth” from which anyone can be provided compensation, since the victims have produced no wealth and instead do nothing beyond demand compensation.

Contraceptive use -> sex independent of reproduciton -> stealing sex without paying with childbearing -> why pay if you don’t have to?

Contraceptive use is a very problematic issue in society. While it may prevent some dysgenic pregnancies, the rates of contraceptive use are highest among successful, intelligent people with good genetics, while the rates of contraceptive use are lowest among unsuccessful, unintelligent people with poor genetics.

This produces an incredible density of dysgenic fertility which is problematic since the only way these dysgenic individuals can survive is if they have a large body of functional humans with high degrees of social function, economic viability, and economic stability necessary to produce the wealth from which the stipends that support dysgenic individuals are sourced from

For instance, as referred to in my (article about banking), the highest rates of pregnancy are among those in the 1st and 2nd quintile of economic performance, and these are people that produce a negative return on the economy since they cost more to sustain than they provide in value in the form of labor.

If everybody alive is a dysgenic member of this cultivar of humans, then 100% of people now produce a massive negative yield to the economy, and with no high-value humans producing large positive yields to offset this extensive amount of upkeep necessary to sustain these dysgenic individuals, the economy collapses.

Net Loss/Yield of Peasants
Birth Rates of Peasants

The Tragedy of the Peasantry

Tragically, these dysgenic lower quintile people are not “parasites”, they are just animals, they are the usual peasants, but they are abused and mismanaged to the point they become a problem. The bull is a valuable investment and a worthwhile life, and he does not cause economic damage until the farmer recklessly leads him into a china shop.

Intelligence of Peasants

The majority of these peasants have a mental capacity between that of a 7 and 11 year old. To expect these people to be able to provide for themselves, manage money, and avoid self-harm is no more reasonable than expecting a 7 year old to do these things, which all idealists would argue is completely unreasonable.

These people need a shepherd, but with proper shepherding that can help them avoid the pitfalls they experience when expected to orchestrate their own lives, manage their own money, and protect themselves from social, chemical, and physical harm, these people would easily be redeemed into valuable laborers.

However, when the powers that be continuously lead these bulls into the china shops of autonomy, there will continue to be extensive economic damage caused by this abusive mismanagement of the humble peasants.

Government Factors

social expectations of education above reproduction lead to diminished fertility of progenic humans-> dysgenic fertility among lower class

The dysgenic fertility of the peasantry is problematic only because of mismanagement, but in the same right, the dysgenic impotence of the genetically potent humans is again a product of the same degrees of mismanagement by the federal government.

The state expects those with quality genetics to go to college to be redeemed as intellectuals, academics, and cutting-edge innovators. The issue is that this leads to impotence due to these men and women becoming focused on their labor.

Intelligence naturally leads to risk-aversion, and those who are focused on a career see having children as a threat to their success. This leads to fewer pregnancies, and fewer pregnancies and more dysgenic pregnancies at older ages.

The propaganda that intelligent people must be sent to college is catastrophic because it creates incredible impotence in this caste of people while the lower class reproduce consistently due to their recklessness and lack of foresight.

If a child is understood to be intelligent, then these children should be married off and reproduced at an early age after elementary school. The women should be expected to bear high quality children until they are impotent, while the men are then caste into an education which is capable of redeeming their natural intelligence, rather than letting these wombs and minds rots in the trenches of the public school, designed as much as a prison for the dysgenic peasant children as it is a “place of education”.

hands-off approach to reproduction -> culling of White majority -> estrogenization of males -> minimized fertility

(estrogenization article)

The state has a hands-off approach to reproduction, meaning they act and make decisions seemingly with complete disregard to the effect these actions have upon the gene pool. One instance of this is the culling of the White majority during the World Wars and Cold War, which killed off numerous potent and virile men, as these men were sent to die, leaving the dysgenic men unfit for war to idle in the nation and reproduce.

While the effect of this culling was far more profound in Europe which suffered much greater losses of men as a percentage of the total population, this still had some influence in America. The effect is the increased genetic density of the dysgenic, and this creates problems with future generations as dysgenics continue to exacerbate itself unchecked.

The numerous social factors exacerbating impotence are compounded by the chemical estrogenization of the human species due to the intentional or unintentional addition of these chemicals into the body of the everyman.

The increased estrogen is compounded by a lack of testosterone-inducing physical interaction with the world, cultural factors which cause the psychological repression of testosterone due to fear of punishment or as a way to escape castigation due to the status of men as “the evil victimizer”.

There are genetic, chemical, environmental, and social factors which all compound to decrease the testosterone and masculinity of men. Without strong, masculine men willing to lay conquest to women and breed them by the logic of “to the victor goes the spoils”, there is a psychological shortcoming in the everyman who now has difficulty seeing the extent of his greatness as measured by the number of children he has.

While the glorification of sexual conquest does remain a somewhat influential aspect of male culture, the fact that contraception of this has allowed sexual conquest to exist independent of reproduction causes this “glorification” to be incredibly dysfunctional.

Modern “sex glorification” is biologically no different than “Your masculinity is measured by the number of pre-pubescent children you have had sex with, or the number of people you have had sex with as a pre-pubescent child”, due to the fact that women chemically sterilize themselves with birth control, and men sterilize themselves with condoms to the point where their sexual intercourse is biologically no different than if two impotent pre-pubescent children were to have sex.

reproduction being optional -> selfish people see no reason

Another major issue in terms of impotence in the west remains the fact that reproduction is optional. When something is optional, people are reluctant to consider it unless they personally have interest in doing it. While many people have interest in sex, fewer have interest in actually having children.

The entire temptation for people to have children was generally the overpowering psychological compulsion to have sex, which, as a consequence, produced children. Animals naturally do not seek out sex with the foresight that they will have children. They just feel an overpowering libido, and having sex is what provides them relieve from this powerful and compelling psychological force.

The issue is that when people can satisfy this instinct without actually reproducing due to contraception, pornography, or otherwise, they are now able to attain relief from libido without actually engaging in the action it was designed to manifest, which is reproductive sexual intercourse.

People are naturally selfish people, they seek to pursue their self-interests above those of all others. When the man’s self-interest consists solely of having sex independent of the production of the child, he is seldom interested in having the child unless compelled to do so by other non-libidinous psychological forces such as contemplation, entertainment, or as an act of romance, all of which are far less powerful than the raw, animal, physiological libido which has been the traditional natural means to compel animals to reproduce.


Industrialized Nationalist Solution -> Conscription of all fertile women -> mandatory industrialized reproduction -> prohibit female education past 5th grade until after childbearing years

(This is more of a Stage 1, in that it simply establishes reproductive norms in line with both the federal law and in the best interest of the economy provided there is some sort of peasant backlash.

This system would quickly turn into a fallback in the face of individual resistance as it transitions into one of the following strategies to ensure the higher quality production of children. The breaking may be painful, but the healing and and reestablishment of a culture-norm will ensure once the commotion dies down and people stop resisting and start complying.

This type of hard-correction of faulty human reproduction is a pill some peasants may find bitter, which is why penal means are necessary to ensure the smooth transition to a functional reproductive system.)

Justification: As voluntarily crippling the economy due to insufficient births is an act of domestic terrorism, this allows for the conscription of females in order to wage war against domestic terrorrism.

Since the act of voluntary impotence is an act of domestic terrorism in the form of economic subversion, this allows for the arrest of women choosing to abstain from childbirth. Since these women are incarcerated, bearing children is a form of penal labor which is legal per the 13th amendment.

The 8th amendment prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment”, but childbearing is not “degrading to human dignity”, it is non-arbitrary, it is not rejected by society with the exception of the respective voluntarily impotent domestic terrorists, and it is in no way “patently unnecessary” because childbirth is extremely necessary. This is a form of penal labor that is explicitly justified as a punishment for the terrorism committed by these women.

While women are being subjected to this treatment, men remain entirely to blame. This is because, logically, women have no moral agency as they have no physical capacity to overpower men, thus the actions of women are dictated entirely by the discretionary consent of men who allow the women to act in such a way.

Men who condone or defend this sort of domestic terror of voluntary impotence are seen as both domestic terrorists and traitors, and treason is a crime which is punishable by death. As men have no capacity to bear children, they would be reduced to penal labor until they are no longer a threat to the economy or no longer yielding positive returns on the investment in their continued existence.

Traditional Marriage option -> social, genetic, intellectual, and economic factors are used to pair fertile women to synergistic male genetics -> women expected to reproduce -> men expected to work -> relationship health optional -> government is tasked with organizing the lives of the people in terms of housing, food, healthcare, etc.

The children are reared similar to regular children, just with a considerable amount of federal government assistance. Not as much “free money welfare”, but as the majority of the peasantry has a mental capacity at or below that of an 11 year old, they function more like grandparents helping to rear the child, making the economic decisions for the family, simply expecting the parents to nurture the child socially while reintroducing the child into the educational culling-reproduction system.

Economic option -> social, genetic, and economic factors are used to match women to synergistic sperm -> maternity and childrearing operated similar to military -> ‘bases’ where large numbers of women reproduce -> fatherhood done en masse by professional father figures and assisted by technology

These are “children of the state” in that their family unit is similar to a large platoon of people which changes as the children ebb and flow into labor castes. The process of rearing and educating children is taken up by a ladder-like procession.

Children are culled and cast at early ages, trained to undertake whatever specialized or menial labor they prove they are physically and psychologically capable. This means that the care of small children can be done by small pre-pubescent girls, the education of children is done by children caste into being educators, at least as much as possible and at early ages.This is in order to build a camaraderie and trust among the people. A mutualism rather than an authoritarian aesthetic to the establishment.

The genetic bonds to the mother are minimal if they exist at all, children see the nation as their father, the land as their mother, and their fellow man as their brothers and sisters.

Due to the fact that all reproduction is done through artificial insemination, in order to avoid dysgenic random pregnancies among any women caste into the workforce rather than selected to bear offspring, homosexuality would be expected as the normal method of alleviating libido in both men and women.

Psychological and Chemical Supplements: There is considerable concern with the fact that forcibly placing humans into reproductive sexual relationships at early ages with strangers will cause some stress and confusion.

This can be easily addressed with chemical supplements such as oxytocin, the chemical in the mind which is associated with empathy, trust, sexual activity, and relationship-building.

This supplement would be given in tandem with “walk-throughs” of building intimacy such as holding, touching, kissing, etc. to build the level of physical comfort with the body of another human necessary to build a functional sexual relationship.

Due to the fact that children are impressionable, this would be done at an early age to normalize this sort of touching with the partner. The complimentary propaganda works in tandem by encouraging them in the warm, comforting, and loving manner as is commonly seen in children’s propaganda on television. At this point, they would readily become comfortable engaging in these acts due to how natural they are, and due to the fact that natural psychological stimulus for such activities is already very rewarding.

This method would be more necessary in the traditional style heterosexual relationship strategies to resolve the impotence crisis. These solutions were the men and women are expected to co-exist and bear children as a father and mother would need to have very strong social and emotional bonds between the parents.

Strong, loving parents are always associated with much better outcomes in the offspring, which means developing this relationship becomes essential. Due to the genetic culling involved in pairing mates, there would be no real capacity for these people to escape these relationships save for fear of damage to the offspring or valuable laborers, thus the health of these relationships is very vital and must be taken seriously.

Though fear of castigation by the government will inhibit adultery, and while a knowledge that there is no other alternative mate will inhibit the discontentment from comparison, there still needs to be strong natural bonding and affection between the mates.

Without this chemical assistance, there will only be a mildly contented relationship bound by fear which is not going to produce the healthy love and affection which benefit a child to the same degree that a healthy, consensual, and loving sexual relationship between the mates will. By paring these children from an early age, perhaps a year or two before the onset of puberty, they will be able to develop strong social and emotional bonds to one another independent of the concept of sex, but accentuated by the chemical addition of hormones which build intimacy.

Sexual segregation in the workforce can further ensure that no fertile adultery ensues, and the intensive heterosexual conditioning the youth experience will perhaps inhibit homosexuality. Due to the fact that culling of populations in its most basic form includes the segregation of those with transmissible venereal diseases to eradicate them, the spread of disease would not be an issue from homosexuality, only psychological and emotional infidelity, which again is hopefully minimized due to the intensive psychological and chemical conditioning to ensure fidelity to the human’s selected mate.

Flawed solution: Immigration -> social and cultural expectations and ignorance adulterated by American propaganda -> fertility rate becomes flawed after one generation. Ex. Hispanics drop from 2.96 (1990) to 1.94 (2020) after 1 generation.

People will often argue that immigration is a solution to the fertility crisis, but as is seen in the Hispanic population, the fertility crisis in the West is largely one of culture more than dysgenics, because even traditionally fertile Hispanics are experiencing a substantial drop-off in fertility as their second generations come into their childbearing years. This will continue to decline as these people become more Americanized, which means embracing this culture which causes such extensive impotence.

What About International Outcry?

We have nukes, we can do what we want. If there is any austerity, it will be returned tit for tat. The ethicist and humanist countries which would oppose these resolutions on moral ground are equally as much crippled by the domestic terrorism of voluntary impotence, and they will quickly collpase when their rapidly dying economies attempt to scuffle with economies redeemed by proper reproduction and division of labor.

When left to their own devices, neither the peasants and the intelligentsia will reproduce adequately, so continuing down this path will cause nothing but anguish. Leaving people to “reproduce at will” is not a viable strategy for anything beyond ensuring the collapse of the nation and the economy. The people have no will to reproduce, thus we cannot put any faith in a concept that has proven itself to be unreliable to the point of catastrophe.

Sustaining a healthy human population is necessary for the survival of the nation, the economy, and the species. The question is not whether we want to engage with proper reproductive strategies, the question is whether or not we want to survive as a nation, as an economy, and as a people.

It is your future. It is your nation. It is your economy. It is your species. You decide what fate holds in store for it.

Marzipan will literally grab your penis and put it inside of a vagina you impotent bastard. You fuck like pandas and the world suffers.

Further Reading

Child Labor


Slavery ( A very good read about the history of compelling humans to perform labor.)

Other Catalogue (Last updated October 4th)




Used to write things, a couple books. Delusions of being able to help humanity faded. Now I'm mostly just waiting to die.

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Marzipan Maddox

Marzipan Maddox

Used to write things, a couple books. Delusions of being able to help humanity faded. Now I'm mostly just waiting to die.

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