Contemporary Slurs for Use Against Rowdy Whites

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Forward: This is satire. I’m not racist. I’m not advocating for racism against anybody. This is just a remark about experiences in life where I have felt that the slurs for Whites were inadequate or less powerful when compared to other slurs, so I have proposed alternatives.


There is a constant issue of a lack of adequate slurs for Whites in my experience. Other races have powerful slurs in the English language, but since Whites were the source of these slurs, there isn’t a good all-purpose slur for whites.

“Cracker” has connotations of slave-master power, as somebody who owns slaves and cracks a whip, or is just calling somebody “White” which is still putting them in the power position. “Peckerwood” is obscure and may send connotations of being lower class and rural, but these connotations are a point of pride among many rowdy Whites, and again reinforce the concept whiteness, which the rowdy Whites take pride in. The term “Honky” is likely a derivative from a regional slur for Central European laborers, “Bohunk” shortened to “Hunky”, and this vague niche connection is something few people will even be aware of enough to be offended by.

There are traditional ethnic slurs, like “Wop” or “Mick” once held power when ethnic division and discrimination was much more prevalent among Whites than it is today. Long gone are the days of NINA, and with those days, the power of these slurs. The major downfall of these types of slurs was that a person would need to have one for each ethnicity of White, and there are too many countries of origin for most people to remember the slur for, and it’s difficult to recognize country of origin without having a substantial community of these people, especially due to the admixture of European descents in America.

Zog Dog references the common conspiracy theory among rowdy Whites that the government is “Zionist Occupied Government” and essentially being controlled by the zionists in order to further the interests of Israel. This upsets them, so calling them a “Zog dog” implies they are a powerless and servile beast of burden existing solely to further the means of the “Zionist Occupied Government” aka ZOG, which they often condemn.

“Snow Bunny” this is a term used for White women by those of other races, often sexually. Using this for a White man however reinforces the common stereotype that Whites are effeminate, emasculated, and otherwise pathic. The rowdy Whites see themselves as rivals of the “Soy boys” who are left leaning people with these same traits.

This is an attack on their masculinity, and being tough or manly is usually pretty important to them. It reminds them that they are pathic and do nothing to substantiate their “tough words”.

As an added bonus this has connotations related to interracial sex between minority men and White women. Interracial relationships are something which makes the rowdy Whites very upset usually, and this will strike a nerve with them.

A classic, in my eyes, the universal slur, is the N-word with a hard r. It is very important that you say this with the same disrespect, condemnation, contempt, and vehemence that a racist would have in their voice when they call a black person this.

The all time classic slur, this is great for use against rowdy Whites because the basis for their entire ego is often based upon racialistic notions of supremacy. By calling them this word, you are attacking a major source of their ego. You’re reducing them to that which they perceive as the lowest status in society. Just viciously assert that they are this word, regardless of their defense, and they’ll be at a loss. The n-word is usually their trump card that wins all arguments, and when it is applied to them, they will likely be at a loss.

Even if they reply with this word, calling you this word, this is still a loss for them. You’ve reduced them to the lowest status and that which they hate by using this word against them, but you’ve lost no status by being called this word.

If you’re looking for slurs against left-leaning Whites, these are commonplace among the rowdy Whites, and I’m sure if you’re in the market, you’re well aware of a handful of adequate slurs for this group of people.

Used to write things, a couple books. Delusions of being able to help humanity faded. Now I'm mostly just waiting to die.