He’s A Quarterback, a Bully, and a Friend

Photo by Riley McCullough on Unsplash

Me and my friend Jerry get out of a typical Social Work Policy II class in our college, pretty normal, and I go to the bathroom to take a leak. He follows me in, just because he doesn’t like to be alone, and he’s just talking ambiently, standing in the corner of the bathroom while I’m at the urinal. I hear the door open, and suddenly he gets very quiet, which is weird, because he loves to talk. I just keep pissing, because as odd as it is I don’t think much of it.

“That’s not how you piss, Petey-boy.” says a voice, I know this voice, it’s Craig Hawkins, the star quarterback for the football team. He thought social work was about socializing, so he chose this as his major. I have some classes with him, he’s a dickhead. I don’t say anything.

“Pants on the ground, shirt over your head. Everyone knows that.” He says, sliding right behind me, pulling my pants and underwear to the ground, lifting my shirt over my head

“Fuck off, Craig.” I say, really bothered by his bullying

“I’m just waiting in line for the urinal.” He says, he starts groping my ass and he starts smelling my neck aggressively

“Damn, you smell good.” He says, kissing my neck nonchalantly, as if this was just a casual greeting, I’m frozen by fear at this point. He slaps my ass with both of his hands.

“Mmmm mmm. That’s a tight ass.” He says, squatting down, spreading my ass cheeks. “Shaved it clean too.” He says, as he starts eating my ass vigorously

“Stop, Craig, what the fuck.” I say

“I know you like this, gay boy.” He says, continuing to eat my ass

“I’m not gay.” I say

“You and your friend dress fruity as fuck. Why are your legs shaved? Everybody knows you’re both gay.” He says

“We’re just metrosexual. Shaved legs are just a hip look on men.” says Jerry, soft and meek

“Yeah, gay.” Says Craig

“Stop Craig, we’re not gay.” I plead, almost crying

“Shit, I’m not gay either, dog.” says Craig

“Why are you eating my ass if you’re not gay?” I ask

“Why is your dick hard if you’re not gay?” asks Craig, starting to fondle my balls, speaking truthfully as I was had been fully erect since he started

“That’s not how anything works Craig. A boner doesn’t mean anything.” I say

“It means you like it. You like this so you’re gay.” says Craig

“No it doesn’t. I can’t control when I get a boner.” I say, he starts sucking my balls and fingering my asshole

“So you can’t control being gay.” says Craig

“Stop, Craig. Being hard doesn’t mean I like it.” I say

“Talking like that is how you get your dick sucked.” Says Craig

“What the fuck?” I ask, he slides under my legs, puts his head between my cock and the urinal, and starts sucking my cock fervently. He just keeps sucking and fondling my balls.

“What do you want, Craig?” I ask. He pulls his mouth off of my cock, his lips so tight it makes a loud pop as it comes out of his mouth. He looks at me.

“What do I want? I want to see you fuck that dude over there.” He says

“Umm…” says Jerry, a concerned look on his face

“We’re not gay, Craig.” I say, firmly, he stands up, grabs my hips and easily manhandles me, waddling with my pants at my ankles, moving me towards Craig, motionless in the corner

“Let me watch you fuck this dude.” Says Craig

“No, Craig. We’re really not gay.” I say

“That wasn’t a fucking question, Pete.” Says Craig, his firm squeeze on my ass let me know he really wasn’t joking around. He walks behind me, slowly causing Terry to back into the corner, my cock is touching Terry’s shirt when Craig releases my hips, undoes Terry’s belt, and pulls his pants down. Terry is already rock hard. He notices me notice his boner, I put on a nervous smile, and his face turns beet red.

Craig grabs Terry’s hips and spins him around, then takes a bottle of lube out of his pocket and squirts some lube onto his hand, rubbing it onto Terry’s smooth asshole, then starting to stroke my cock. Craig slowly pushes his large muscular frame against my back, holding my cock, guiding it into Terry’s asshole.

Even though my cock isn’t very big, Terry’s asshole still resisted letting it in, but Craig made damn sure that my cock went inside of his asshole.

Terry whimpers as the tip starts to penetrate, and Craig slowly starts to push my hips forward, easing my cock into Terry’s tight warm rectum. Emotionally I am in serious pain, but my cock can’t help but thoroughly enjoy the tight, warm, and moist embrace of Terry’s rectum.

Craig unapologetically pushes my cock in balls deep, Terry whimpers a bit as my balls touch his soft, delicate ass. I can feel Craig’s massive cock against my own ass through his gym shorts, only semi-erect, but still big and meaty enough to intimidate anyone who feels that pressed against their leg

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Craig asks, teasing us, continuing to move my hips, rocking them slowly, sliding my cock in and out of Terry’s ass. We say nothing.

“Tell me you like it, Terry.” says Craig, reaching around, fondling Terry’s balls, Terry says nothing

“Tell me that you love it, Terry.” says Craig, squeezing Terry’s balls with his strong and massive hands

“I love it, Craig.” whimpers Terry

“Tell Pete that you love his cock inside of you.” says Craig

“I love your cock inside of me, Pete.” whimpers Terry, almost crying, but without the tinge of snideness that would be present if he were actually lying or being sarcastic

“Tell Terry that you love fucking his tight ass.” says Craig

“I love fucking your tight ass, Terry.” I say, trying not to sound like I meant it, but god damn it, I meant it

“Kiss him on the neck. Tell Terry that you love him.” says Craig.

I kiss Terry on the neck, feeling the moment, but I pause for a second, nervously, “I love you, Terry.” I say, confused, but sincere

“I love you too, Pete.” Says Terry

“I knew you two were gay. I didn’t even tell you to say that, but you still did it.” says Craig, Terry sighs, pouting in sadness, feeling cheated and exploited

“Jesus, Craig.” I say, angry with him for being such a bully, the pleasure of my cock being gripped by Terry’s rectum was seemingly just a footnote compared to my disgust and hatred of Craig at the moment

Craig grabs Terry’s hips, slowly spinning both of us around, slipping out from behind me, moving in front of Terry. Now my back against one of the sinks in the bathroom. He slips his hands under my thighs, easily lifting both me and Terry at the same time, sitting me on the rim of the sink, just the tips of my shoes brushing the ground. He pulls out the lube, putting it on his finger, lifting one of my legs over his shoulder, positioning my so my asshole was no longer protected by the porcelain rim of the sink, and he starts to finger my asshole.

“Craig, please.” I plead, his own cock getting visibly erect, slowly sliding two fingers, then three. Terry motionless on my lap, looking at Craig with fear in his eyes, but firmly secured on my by my dick, rock hard and balls deep inside of him. Craig stares me in the eyes, grinning wide and mercilessly.

“I like it when you beg me, Pete.” says Craig, pulling his cock out, rubbing the residual lube on his fingers onto the tip of his sizable cock. Now fully erect, he starts to push the tip of my his cock against my asshole, and with a considerable amount of pressure, the tip slides in.

“God damn, you’re tight.” says Craig, the noise I make is somewhere between a moan of pain and a cry of fear, a look of horror on my face. Terry starts to slowly rock back and forth on my cock, as if his hips were playfully telling me “Come on, what’s the hold up?”

Craig’s cock slowly starts to penetrate deeper inside of me, the pain is real, I’m breathing heavily, but the muscles in my rectum seem to go limp from fear paralysis, rather than attempt to tighten up and keep his cock from going deeper. I’m holding onto Terry, squeezing him like a stuffed animal, for fear of death, but after what seems like countless slow half-strokes, I feel the chiseled Adonis Belt of Craig against my ass, and for some reason this gives me relief.

“You’re a natural.” teases Craig, almost seductive, as he begins to increase the speed of his thrusts, still tender and polite, but in a foreboding way. Despite the pain, I can’t deny that the feeling of his 8 inch cock balls deep inside of me is probably the only time in my life I’ve felt like my feelings were right.

My feelings always seem out of place or confused, but this one felt like the right one, without any non-committal second guessing or insecurity. The pain, the pleasure, the powerlessness, and the company of Terry in my lap, experiencing this debacle by my side. It just feels like I belong here, for once, I am in the right place.

It’s not that I’m proud of what I am, or what’s happening. It’s not even that I enjoy it. It’s a feeling of comfort, as if someone told me to ‘know my place’, and as lowly as my place is, it feels so unquestionably right just to be in that place.

Craig starts to fuck me casually, with little vigor but relentless persistence, as if this is just a cool but meaningless thing for him, and that feeling of being meaningless just accentuates the pleasure of all of this.

“Come on, Pete. That’s not how you fuck.” says Craig, as he puts his hands under Terry’s tight ass, starting to bounce him playfully on my dick, Terry moans, clearly enjoying it, arching his back and breathing deeply, as if the bathroom were full the delicious serenity and clean air of the wilderness. I make some kind of startled mumbling groan, my mind in a state of shock by the sheer amount of pleasure coursing through my body, emanating from my cock and hips then flooding out ever the rest of my body, overpowering whatever pain Craig’s cock sends coursing through my body.

“You like that?” asks Craig, looking Terry in the eyes, smiling smugly,

“Yeah.” says Terry now, sexy, boyish, almost feminine, without shame, looking at Craig seductively, wrapping his arms around Craig’s neck. Crag kisses him on the lips, teasingly, and Terry pull’s Craig back in, kissing him, quickly moving the tongue into Craig’s mouth, which Craig enjoys thoroughly.

This moment is the most painful one so far, as the physical pain of my rectum being torn apart is nothing compared to this sharp dagger of jealousy and betrayal that pierces my heart. Seeing Terry kiss Craig like that, so passionately, for such a length of time, right before my eyes, fills me with such emotion that my face twists in pain and I start to cry. I’m still holding onto Terry tightly, the whole time, my face now hiding in his back. The chaotic swirl of emotional pain and sexual pleasure is nauseating, but my mind has little capacity to think at this point, and has been reduced to nothing but feeling at this point.

Craig’s lips move down to Terry’s neck for a moment, then aggressively change directions, heading south with an instinctive hunger, starting to suck Terry’s cock as if it were the only oasis in an endless desert.

Terry’s moans change from an almost theatrical act of sexual performance to something entirely beyond his control. Craig starts to aggressively bounce Terry on my cock, almost as if shaking a baby to death in a blind rage, all just to more vigorously suck Terry’s cock. Terry’s moans now a shrill, panting, scream, like the yelping of a small dog.

“Oh, Pete.” he whimpers, as his body goes limp, falling into my arms. The most serene feeling, as if by some miracle the man I lost so long ago has somehow returned to me. Feeling the warmth of his frail body against mine, safe and sound in my arms, not to be lost again; feeling his hips grind slowly, softly arching the small of his back against my cock.

The immense pressure within my balls and hips starts to shift, the unconscious swelling has suddenly become a conscious one, as if from the unknown depths, a flood of semen purposefully fills every inch of my hips, almost as if freeing myself from guilt and shame, but at the same time arising from the ashes, victorious. I release my seed inside of his rectum, not as the victim, but as the conqueror, a seemingly endless parade of sweet and hard-fought victory filling Terry’s rectum.

The sweet relief of filling this boy with my seed, as if claiming him as my own, a purely instinctive feeling, feeling that I have successfully defended my life and livelihood from the predators, and this seed inside his body proves my victory once and for all.

This is victory over the cock brutally laying into my rectum, the clap of thunder against my asscheecks, all of this pain, all of the brutality and savagery of the world, everything that seeks to take my boy from me.

It is my body, like the walls of a house, taking the beatings from the world, all to protect this boy, and keep these brutal winds from tearing into him. The seed inside him like the fires of the hearth, bathing him with warmth while he sleeps peacefully.

It is this pleasure of having a true purpose that fills my body. The sudden groan of the dying giant, and the warmth of the sunshine after such a tempest, filling my body, filling my own rectum. The intoxicating pleasure of peace after such a war, the winds slowing to gentle breezes, bathing me in the warm sunshine. I’m shaking, trembling, but my mind is at ease, thoughtless, and serene.

My weak arms loosely wrapped around the boy, but as if he was taken into heaven, he heads towards the sky. I open my eyes, believing myself to be dead at this point, without the will to fight any longer, and with my own two eyes I see the boy is truly flying.

Craig has picked him up by the hips, lifted his small body as if it were just a barbell, and placed his asshole over his mouth. Craig, without words, is seeking to satiate some unquenchable thirst, having no interest in sexuality or feelings, but solely intent on drinking from this boy’s rectum. Licking his butthole clean, tonguing it deeply as if to lick the side of the jar. A look of relief comes over this towering and imposing man, a sweetness, a friendliness, a sense of ease one would never see before.

“What the fuck are you doing in here, Craig?” asks somebody in the doorway,

“It’s social work.” says Craig, firmly, dominant, assertive, with no doubts as to his correctness; not even looking to see who it was, continuing to keep Terry’s asshole over his mouth, licking every last drop of my seed he can find

“Fuck that.” says the voice, completely uninterested in arguing with Craig, leaving the bathroom. Craig puts Terry down in front of me.

“Drink that shit.” Says Craig, Terry, without hesitation, in polite hospitality, starts to lap up Craig’s cum, slowly dripping from my asshole.

“You’ve got to suck man, there’s lots of it way deep in there. Push it out, Pete.” says Craig, I look at him confused

“Stand up, and just let it come out.” says Craig, picking me up off the sink, standing me up, Terry continuing to lick my asshole, sucking the cum out of it

“That’s good shit you know. It’s protein. Makes you real strong and healthy and shit. It makes you good at sports.” says Craig, smiling, proud of himself, pulling his pants up

“You don’t want it? Don’t you play sports?” I ask

“Nah, it’s bad luck to drink your own.” says Craig

“I really never knew you were gay, Craig.” I say, still taken aback by the revelation

“Woah, what? I’m not gay, dog. I just needed to get some protein for the big game tonight. I knew you gay boys would let me have yours, so I came and got it. I just know I’m going to need a big edge if we’re going to walk away with a W against Thomasville tonight.” says Craig

“Can’t you just do it with other football guys?” asks Terry, confused, but not complaining

“Maybe that would work back in the day, but this is college ball. You don’t get this far without going above and beyond. If we just did each other, then we wouldn’t be playing Division 1 football, we’d be high-school drop-outs who never even got above second string bench-warmers.” says Craig

“Ok. I didn’t know that’s how football works.” says Terry

“Yeah, it takes a lot of work. People never respect how much we do off the field, just so we can perform on game day.” says Craig, Terry and I pull our pants back up, visibly confused

“I’ll be honest. You guys have some sweet nut, that shit is delicious. I hate to impose, but I’ll be back here next week. Same time, same place, ok?” says Craig

“Yeah, I’d like that.” says Terry, winking at him, smiling. I just look at him with a mixture of fear and bafflement.

“Sounds good. Wish me luck in the game tonight.” says Craig

“Good luck, I hope you win. You deserve it.” says Terry, smiling gratefully

“Thanks, chief.” says Craig, walking out of the bathroom, nonchalant, but truly grateful

“Jesus.” I say

“I actually… well… I kind of liked that. Like, a lot.” says Terry, holding onto my hips, looking at the door blankly in disbelief

“Yeah. I guess. It was ok.” I say, softly, confused, not knowing what to think

“He’s got a big dick, doesn’t he?” Asks Terry

“Yeah.” I say

“I think yours is nice though. It feels just right.” says Terry, hugging me, kissing me on the cheek

“Why did you kiss him like that?” I ask

“What? I don’t know. I mean, I thought you would like it.” Says Terry

“You don’t like him?” I ask

“What? No. Gross. Chad’s a dickhead. I just wanted to tease you.” says Terry

“You little slut.” I say, he chuckles

“Did you really mean what you said?” He asks, hugging me, looking me in the eyes

“What?” I ask

“You know.” He says

“Yeah, of course I love you Terry.” I say, he kisses me deeply, lovingly

“I love you too, Pete; but you already knew I meant it.” He says, nuzzling my chest, holding me tightly, my arms wrapped around him, firmly, not letting go for a long time.

(Another old story reposted, I think this one is the best of the 3 I had.)

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