I Can’t Help But Hate You

I’m so narcissistic, delusional, self-righteous, and self-important that it is literally painful to be alive.

Imagine being a White supremacist, except you’re the only White person that has ever existed, and everyone else is the worst race imaginable. This, except it is so much worse than this, for if I am a human, the rest of society does not come close to qualifying as human, they are antagonists of humanity, they are humanity retardant, they are the purest form of opposition to humanity that can exist.

It’s like being a human, yet being surrounded by a sea that constantly tries to drown you, there is no land in sight, and despite myself being a very good swimmer, it is panful to experience this reality day in and day out, without hope, without being able to believe that one day I will be able to leave this sea, this outright disgusting, loathsome, insufferable sea of anti-humanity which drowns me.

I feel nothing but the darkest rage and hatred for the species, and sure there are people who deserve it more than others, people who act outwardly as the antagonists of humanity, people that attack me as if it is somehow reasonable to defend the monstrous abomination that is the collective of the human species save for myself.

Though these outward and aggressive antagonists make life the most insufferable, as for me to even present my supremacy, these people scream, cry, shout, and growl. They do everything to keep me away from their own pity parties online, they censor and ban me, just because they’re so irredeemable that they cannot begin to comprehend what legitimacy, greatness, glory, beauty, or correctness look like.

These monsters have no capacity to process reality beyond whether or not a given impetus coddles their shortcomings and soothes the pain of their wretched lives. If an impetus does not coddle and soothe these monsters, they become outraged, they attack, and upon attacking, censoring, ostracizing, or prohibiting something, they all pat each other on the back and circle-jerk each other, as if a gang of monsters mutilating the truth and destroying beauty is a conquest of “goodness” above “evil”.

Even those among us who are innocent, who do not go out hunting truth and beauty to assert the supremacy of their collective abominable groteqsue ambling monstrosities, those who are little more than meek animals who do not question the authority of the monster gestapo, as innocent as they are, I cannot love them, for they are irredeemable. They will never be able to process, accept, understand, and appreciate the truth.

These meek animals, the children, it is only the monsters who can “redeem” them, by corrupting otherwise harmless children into yet another footsoldier in this blind mob of sickening monsters screaming, shouting, and growling at anything which condemns the “might makes right” mentality of the endless sea of abominations and monsters that infests this planet.

I’m not sad, I dont care, but it’s just so sickeningly disgusting. Interacting with the everyman, let alone the degenerate, is like voluntarily walking into a room where a profoundly and sickeningly ugly man instantly choses to have explosive projectile diarrhea directly towards your face.

The fact that I am expected to condone the existence of these people, let alone tolerate or even enjoy coexisting with them is such a baffling predicament. It’s such an unthinkably disgusting act to witness these people clap their hands and enjoy “monster supremacy” while they live in a tightly packed room full of mentally dysfunctional, horrifically ugly, aggressively dysfunctional, and entirely irredeemable monsters that do little but make meaningless monster noises and viciously assault any non-monsters with projectile explosive diarrhea.

The number of times an extensive argument I’ve written is “undeniably rebuked” by somebody barely capable of writing a 128-character non-sequitur personal attack, let alone reading and comprehending something written for an audience expected to have the mental capacity and literacy skills of an adult, it’s just so completely insane that it dissuades any sort of interaction with these people.

There’s absolutely nothing holding these people to any standards of legitimacy, and when this is true, the vocal majority of the most irredeemable, mentally dysfunctional, and illegitimate monsters becomes the unstoppable “democratic majority” which instantly instates a one-party totalitarian state of the most extreme degrees of intolerance for anyone who isn’t a monster-supremacist or at least a monster-sympathizer.

It’s not frightening, it’s just sickening, and while I can enjoy time spent by myself, avoiding all of the abominations of the world, it’s just such a terrible experience, almost like a horror movie, but instead of having scary monsters, the monsters are just insufferably stupid, disgusting, annoying, childish, and dysfunctional that the main characters of the “horror movie” just kill themselves because they are so deeply apalled by the existence of these monsters, and there’s absolutely nothing the human protagonists of the movie can do to help the monsters or resolve their issues.

If any movie needs to be made, it’s that one, where the monsters are all farcical exaggerations of the intellectual, logical, social, biological, physical, philosophical, and rhetorical shortcomings of the everyman and the degenerates which compose the vast majority of the Western world. These abominations are not a threat to the protagonists, but they are an inescapable threat to any hope for a better world, for any progress towards a future which can in any way be justified.

These monsters are not hunting me or killing me (yet), but they are remorselssly killing and mutilating the future of the human race by establishing norms and standards of “social supremacy” so far below even the most basic of quality control that nothing of value can ever be produced by a human which adopts and coheres to thse social standards.

These abominations, the “democratic majority”, the virtual volunteer gestapo, if given the chance, they would fire you for being a bigot if you refuse to shit in the baby food and put mercury in there. These monsters allege that human feces and mercury are “just as good” for babies as actual food, and anything contrary to this “fact” is “hateful pseudoscience”.

The real tragedy is that every child with a smartphone is literally being fed this “food” produced by the virtual volunteer gestapo that is psychologically no more legitimate or beneficial than baby food full of human feces and mercury is nutritive and healthy.

It’s just fucking disgusting. I can’t stand you people. I’m so happy that every single one of you will die, and I will weep tears of joy every time one more of you insufferable fucks ceases to live. Soon enough, the entire species will share that fate, and this will bring me the most heavenly joy imaginable.



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