The Dangerous Disconnect Between BLM and the Black Community

An understanding of culture and context reveals that BLM is little more than White Academic Victim Culture wearing the skin of dead Black men in order to push their political agenda.

There is a clear and problematic disconnect between BLM and the actual Black community. In reality, BLM is ultimately a Black-washed White-owned front using dead Blacks as a means to push for a non-Black political agenda.

BLM is fueled by White Academia and the News Media which due to both a Messiah complex and maladaptive scapegoat antagonization aggressively uses victim-culture propaganda as a means to control the general public and push a political agenda.

The irony of BLM is the clear dissonance with true black culture. “Don’t give anyone a reason to kill you. Even if it is a stupid reason, just don’t give them that reason, because there’s a significant chance you’ll die over some stupid shit.” is one of the cornerstones of contemporary Black culture. This is evidenced by Black indifference to Black on Black murder rate. Victims are often seen to have voluntarily contributed to their own murder through their own decisions. This is seen in phrase “Don’t go out and get yourself killed.”, emphasizing a high amount of personal accountability as to whether or not oneself gets killed.

Black culture very aware of their own responsibility in victimhood. They do understand the are often victims, but also understand they have a large amount of personal agency and the ability to influence whether or not they become victims. This sense of being able to dictate your own fate is prevalent in the Black community, both in accomplishment as well as in becoming the victim. While Blacks understand they are discriminated against, they aggressively warn their members about one’s own actions can induce avoidable misfortune. The emphasize making decisions and being the masters of their own fate, rather than emphasizing the “inescapable powerless and eternal victimhood of Black people” perpetuated by the Media and White Academics.

Victim Culture — The White Man’s Burden

Victim culture for liberal Whites is the new White Man’s Burden, and they feel it is the definitive justification of their ideology and the basis of their ego. They pat themselves on the back and feel a massive rush of seemingly divine ego when they try and help out the victims, the poor, the people they see as inferior, either explicitly or subconsciously.

This social positioning of “supreme whites and helpless savages” fuels a messiah complex in these people because easily the entirety of their ego is sourced from “saving the victims”. Since these Academics have no other means to build self-confidence, self-worth, or self-respect, they compulsively turn to this “saving people”. They become dependent on “saving people” to feel any positive feelings in their ego, and due to feeling no psychological reward from their daily life, the must now find victims just to defend them and feel that ego rush.

This makes the New Burden even more dangerous than the historical White Man’s Burden, because historically Whites would supplement their ego with productivity and faith in God, both of which are absent in academic liberals who are now entirely dependent upon the New Burden to provide the psychological justification of their lives.

The Psychology of the Messiah Complex

This is why the News and Academics so quick to caste Blacks as powerless victims that must be protected by the White social justice provided by Academics. These people are desperately seeking that ego high, and they know that due to the struggles of the Black community, they are easy to caste as “eternal victims which must be saved”. This gives the White Academics a quick and reliable hit of ego every time they think they are “saving the poor and helpless Blacks.”

This is dopamine is why the Victim Culture movement becomes viciously aggressive when people fail to make concessions, apologize, and bow down to the Academics due to the victim-status of the groups they’re defending.

Psychologically, denying the Academics the pleasure of “being the messiah helping the powerless” is no different than denying a heroin addict his hit of heroin, and when denied his fix, the heroin addict will get hostile or violent, especially when the needle is directly in his sight and within his reach. It is very unpleasant for these people when anyone attempts to deny them their hit of social justice, they crave that ego high, and just like any other addict, they become very uncomfortable if not thoroughly psychologically pained when they are deprived of this hit of dopamine.

The only difference is that the Social Justice/Victim Culture movement sources their dopamine from the ego rush caused by their messiah complex, rather than the chemical-high produced by heroin, but the psycho-chemical effects are identical in these people, similar to how the purely psychological gambling addicts have nearly identical chemical reactions in the mind as drug addicts getting high when they gamble, despite the fact that gambling is not truly a psychoactive substance.

This messiah complex and associated ego is explicitly a sense of supremacy, regardless of any intention, the ego rush comes from being the “better” person who is so kind as to help the “lesser” person. This pursuit ultimately no different than the White Man’s Burden, where White colonists felt they were “morally obligated” to “help” the less civilized nations by colonizing them and forcing White culture upon them. It’s the same positioning of the “savior Whites” coming to “help” the “poor and powerless savages”, regardless of any fresh paint these people want to put on this ideology.

The social justice movement is the exact same social-positioning “Supreme White helping powerless savages” which gave imperialist Whites the endless unquestionable ego needed to fuel their conquests and subject these conquered people to horrific atrocities, all because the powerful ego rush of their messiah complex overpowered their ability to feel empathy for these people. They are blind to the consequences of their actions so long as they can position themselves as the messiah.

This is why the social justice movement quickly results in rioting and looting, this is why the News celebrates riots as a good thing, because in the eyes of the White instigators, this is 100% justified because the ego rush they feel as the “messiah” overpowers any empathy for the victims of the riots.

The Inherent Problems

The inherent problem with the BLM and Social Justice movement is that it fosters the mentalities of learned helplessness, fatalism, scapegoat antagonization, and other problematic mentalities which were traditionally not prevalent within in the Black community, but prevalent and definitive of within typical White victim groups like Academics. The Black community traditionally valued resilience, self-reliance, personal accountability, and cooperation. This traditional black culture is at odds with the White Academics, because in order for the Academics to get their fix from the messiah complex, the Blacks must be powerless and helpless victims for the Whites to save.

These antagonistic mentalities of White Academics being superimposed upon the Black community are problematic because these ideologies rely solely on attacking external forces and seek to free the individual of any responsibility. By normalizing and glorifying these maladaptive behaviors and thought-processes typical of children, constantly blaming others and taking no personal accountability, you create a situation where people’s sense of personal responsibility and accountability disappears.

People traditionally believe “My fate is, for the most part, determined by my own actions, and while some things may be out of my control, the majority of the result of my life, both my successes and failures, is based entirely upon my own actions.”

The academic mentality uses victimhood as a pedestal to place themselves upon, and they use this to rid themselves of any accountability and instead condemn the rest of the population which is not on the pedestal of victimhood.

The academic’s mentality states “My fate is, for the most part, determined by things which are beyond my control, while few things may be in my control, the majority of the result of my life is determined by external forces. Both my success and failures, as well as those of others, are caused mostly if not entirely be external forces.”

This externalizes the human existence and causes these types of people to attack and condemn as their default action, because when 100% of blame is placed upon external forces and the human perceives itself as powerless, then they feel they have no course of action other than to attack the external forces they perceive as the causation of all of their suffering.

Background on White Politics

This is typical of White political mentalities, and it has been for hundreds of years. Whites consistently place the entirety of the blame on other groups for their own failures or shortcomings, then believing themselves to be the victim.

This was true from George Washington blaming the British to Adolf Hitler blaming the Jews, Lenin blaming the bourgeoise, and Donald Trump blaming the immigrants. This range of historical events reminds us that sometimes it is justifiable to attack those who you perceive to be responsible for your harm, this pursuit of justice often grows dangerously out of control.

Socialists blame their own lack of healthcare on the government, they blame their lack of income on the rich, they blame every problem on somebody else, and then use this victim-status to believe they are entitled to compensation.

While conservatives do blame scapegoat groups, their victim narratives typically revolve around removal of the perpetrators, rather than demanding compensation for victimhood. This is seen in anti-immigrant arguments, where these people don’t want compensation for being the victim, they want something closer to vengeance.

The key difference is that you can provide enough vengeance to people, but you can never provide enough compensation. This is just to say there is a finite amount of people to kill, where it takes an infinite amount of money to keep people from becoming upset, so despite both ideologies being inherently flawed, the conservative mentality of conflict-resolving removal of scapegoats is physically possible while the liberal ideology of conflict-resolving compensation for being the victim of scapegoats is physically impossible. This is why the socialist mentality has always proven to be more dangerous than the conservative mentality, as evidenced by the death-tolls of Stalin and Mao when compared to Hitler.

Why White Academics are Weaponizing Black Communities

The issue is that the much higher quality, productive Black culture of self-reliance, faith in dialogue, faith in work, and personal responsibility is aggressively being bleached by this low-quality, destructive White-Victim culture in order push this antagonistic fatalist White-Academic propaganda in an attempt ingrain this powerless-victim mentality in the Black community. This is unfortunate because fatalistic victimhood was traditionally looked down upon by the Black community where instead resilience and perseverance in the face of difficulty was celebrated.

The White Academics know that if they can ingrain this powerless-victim mentality into the Black community, they can in turn use the Black community as a reliable weapon. Those with the victim mentality can be provoked by invoking a sense of being wronged, these victims are then told by the News and Academics they are powerless, then this powerlessness causes a sense of frustration and anger, this anger can then be converted into violence and directed towards scapegoats, causing the provoked people to attack external scapegoats condemned by the White Academics.

The fact that BLM serves only to weaponize the Black community rather than help them is evidenced by the complete indifference to 99% of Black people murdered in America by the BLM group, even small black children which are murdered, these black people mean nothing to BLM.

This because Black-on-Black violence is not useful for inciting anger in the Black community, and this will not cause them to attack the scapegoats. It is only when a Black person is the victim of a scapegoat the News and Academics want you to attack does that person actually matter, and people like George Floyd “matter” to BLM because these events can be aggressively publicized and use to provoke the Black community into acting as a weapon for the Academics, all while 99% of black murder victims are swept under the rug.

Victim Culture — The Culture of Murderers

The murder rate is skyrocketing in 2020 explicitly due to the aggressive propaganda supporting the victim mentality. Once this victim mentality is ingrained, those prone to violence will feel they have no other option than to attack the external forces which are scapegoated for whatever problems they might have. This mentality limits thinking because these people believe they have no control over their fate, and they then believe they suffer solely due to intentional cruelty of scapegoat groups.

At this point they resort to violence because they feel powerless and they have been taught that they have no options to address these situations, they are taught to believe they are powerless because once this belief is firmly held, people will no longer attempt to think of peaceful strategies to better their situation. Instead, they believe their own situation is entirely out of their control, and due to the fact that they are upset with their situation which they believe they are powerless to change, this means they must find somebody to blame for their problems.

By taking no personal accountability and instead placing it all on the scapegoat, this makes murder seem much more justifiable. These people think “I am 100% innocent and not to blame, yet I suffer. This scapegoat is the cause of 100% of my problems, so he deserves to suffer if not die.”, people truly believe that by attacking the scapegoat they will resolve their problems and suffering.

The collateral damage here is that this mentality extends beyond protests and into people’s everyday life, this victim mentality becomes ingrained, and this mentality now dictates behavior during personal conflicts. The same mentality forced upon the Black community by Academics and the Media is the same one which causes them to rapidly come to the conclusion that murder is the only viable option for conflict resolution. This pedestal of innocence and self-righteous justice makes it very easy to murder people, and this is true for Blacks just as much as it was true for the Klu-Klux-Klan, the Nazis and Soviets.

All of these groups define their logic with this external scapegoat antagonization, and this allows them to put themselves on a pedestal where they can do no wrong and all antagonization of scapegoats is entirely justified, including violence.

While it is unlikely that there will be a genocide of police officers or White men, this is still troubling because the once valuable, productive, and beneficial mentalities and culture of the Black community are being threatened by White Victim-Culture propaganda issued by White Academics attempting to superimpose their own dangerous victim-scapegoat mentalities upon the Black community through the use of News Media and other forms of grassroots propaganda like social media.

This is having disastrous effects such as the endless protests, occasional riots, and the skyrocketing murder rate which is up 36% from last year, meaning for every 100 murders that happened last year, 36 additional murders now happen in that same time period this year, which is a very worrying increase over the course of 1 year.

The Power of the Black Ultimatum

This sort of mentality is dangerous, and seeing the general public being abused and exploited by Academics and the News Media in order to push a political ideology is troubling considering the history of violence and death this mentality has produced.

This mentality is most dangerous, as evidenced in places like Nazi Germany, when it is championed by the Academics and Media who control the truth and the News. These are the people who decide what is true, these are the people who decide and what is important and what is irrelevant, and it is through these decisions that these groups control the minds of the people.

The good news is that there is a reason the Academics and Media are resorting to using police violence as a means to provoke the Black community and instigate unrest. The Academics and Media are reliant upon provoking the Black community into action because the Academics are weak and unpopular, and they are entirely unwilling to actually protest or resort to violence because they know they will lose. This means the Academics rely upon tricking people into doing their bidding, and this is exactly what is happening with BLM.

Without waves of Black people in the streets, White Academics lack the backbone to protest of fight for their victim-culture ideology, the Academics are inescapable victims, they feel weak and powerless, and only through acting as a parasite upon the strength, popularity, and power of the Black community can they gain enough strength to show themselves in public.

Without the support of the Black community, these groups become powerless, because their White constituents are victims in the same right as the Academics, and these Whites lack the strength to actually protest without being propped up by the legitimacy of the Black community.

It is the decision of the Black community as to whether they want to allow themselves to continue to be used as a weapon by these White Academics, to abandon their Black culture and replace it with that of the eternal White victim. I hope the world can see the folly of the eternal victim, because it is painful to see so many people be manipulated, exploited, weaponized by the eternal powerless victim of White academia.



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