The Flaws with the “Jewish Bankers Control the World” Conspiracy

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The “An Elite Jewish Banking Oligarchy controls the world” conspiracy theory is one that many antisemites and conspiracy theorists believe to be one of the most legitimate conspiracy theories they have. This is often evidenced by the extensive wealth and history of the Rothschild banking family, which is then supported by things such as the large number of Jews working for businesses like the news, Hollywood, or other forms of media.

There are major flaws in this theory that come into light due to the glaring discongruity between the basic interests of bankers as they relate to the orchestration of civilization and the direction of the culture of the Western world, the area which is allegedly controlled by this banking oligarchy.

How Does Banking Work?

Banking operates by speculating upon labor. A laborer says they need money for something (house, car, business), then, if the bank believes that your future labor will be able to pay them back, then they will offer you the loan. The way the bank makes money is by charging interest as a fee for lending money before you have earned it.

This is the entire business model of banking, so a bank, to whatever extent possible, seeks to maximize the profitability of their operations. The bank loses money when the person can’t pay back their loan, but they also lose money when they have idle money in the vault which is not lent out, because that money is not earning interest.

The bank desires laborers, first and foremost, because without laborers, there is no labor to speculate upon. The bank wants high quality laborers, the type of people who reliably work and make enough money to pay bills. The bank wants to loan as much money as possible, so big reliable loans are more valuable than small reliable ones. These types of loans include those for businesses, house loans, college loans, and other large investments which provide long term profit once the investment has realized its value and begun to yield.

The Discongruity

The major flaw with the “Banker’s Conspiracy” is that the actions of the federal government usually aggressively cripple the ability of banks to be as successful as possible. The actions of the federal government are usually fueled by the indignation of the peasants, which is almost always the result of indoctrination from the media or academia. If the bankers controlled the government, then federal policy would look very different.

The first need of the banks is laborers. Any action that inhibits the creation and development of new labor is incredibly damaging for banks, because they rely upon new laborers being created to keep a healthy population of people to loan money to, because they need to do this to keep earning interest.

The American birth rate is below replacement, which means that labor speculation is currently in a disastrous position because they will see increasingly fewer people seeking loans. The only race of people that reproduces above replacement is Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, who comprise a very tiny minority in the country.

Every other race is below replacement, which means 99.6% of the US population is reproducing below the level banks need to hold steady, thus causing future labor speculation to indicate that banking will shrink due to a decrease in customers.

If bankers were in control, then they would not allow their “cash cow” of human labor to become impotent because they would instead ensure to have the highest sustainable population of laborers, thus the largest number of future customers for loans.


The government antagonizes the bank’s interest in a healthy birth rate by encouraging impotence at every corner. Things such as contraception and abortion are major factors for this disasterous birth rate because these allow the peasants to “steal sex” because they have sex but do not pay for it with the production of the child.

These little pills and thin latex tubes allow people to steal the sustenance of new laborers from the table of the bankers. American children are taught and encouraged to steal labor futures from bankers in public schools, which is clearly not something any banker would want.

As no business would allow its customers to steal, let alone encourage them to, this legalization of contraception and the propaganda supporting contraception are incredibly problematic because they demonstrate a clear antagonization of banking being displayed by the government, which, according to conspiracy theorists, is controlled by bankers.

While there are some situations where contraception and abortion become a sound investment, this is only true in the case of low quality people which yield no value, but instead cost the government, thus the banks, money. These are people like prisoners, disabled people, and otherwise work-shy people who cost more money to sustain via federal funding than they produce in value.

Since only 1% of the USA is in prison, this means that 99% of the time the bank is taking a hit when the peasants “steal children” by using contraception, because the bank is losing a viable laborer which would in turn become a profitable investment for loans. Though wild claims say that 25–50% of American adults are disabled, the number of people getting federal disability money is only 2.5%, which still makes contraception a losing investment for the bank 96.5% of the time.

Prisoners are the biggest hit here, because each prisoner produces an annual loss of $60,000, whereas even a 1st quintile profitable free-laborer only produces a loss of around $20,000. Populations such as medical invalids and retirees that are past “peak yield” are a different story, because that is an issue of population management and necessary euthanasia rather than one of an initial poor investment.

The Bank vs The Age of Consent

The age of consent being 18 means that women are not being married early and are losing 4 to 6 key years of their childbearing age, because these first 6 years scientifically bear the highest quality offspring, since offspring quality falls significantly as a woman ages.

Marriage and pregnancy at 18 is increasingly rare, further driving down the fertility-span of women and birth rates. Women being expected to attend school and work also causes a sharp decline in marriage, which in turn reduces the birth rate.

While some might think that women going to college and entering the workforce may mean a greater number of laborers to yield from for the bank, this is the banking equivalent of the marshmallow test.

If the bank were to pick the “money right now” option of expecting women to work, they will be losing on the much more significant “way more money later”, if they were to expect the women to get married and have children.

A woman that works may produce the value of 1 laborer, but when compared to the woman that has 6 children and does not work, this woman produces the value of 3 laborers (men) the next generation, while each daughter continues this trend until we reach carrying capacity.

The bank is losing a considerable amount of money in the future by allowing women to work instead of expecting them to bear children, and since the “Global Banking Conspiracy” is presumably staffed by the most intelligent people alive, clearly these people are not going to fail the Marshmallow Test when it comes to banking, which is their entire livelihood.

Banking is a long-game type operation, already operating over 30-year spans with things such as house loans, so clearly the banks have quite the appetite for long-term investments and are incredibly willing to take them. There is no way a banking oligarchy would allow their entire peasantry to succumb to failing the marshmallow test with respect to fertility.

Can the Government Dictate the Behaviors of People?

The government readily dictates the behaviors of women because if they were not allowed to go to school, if they were expected to be married and produce children, then women would naturally do these things. There would be propaganda indoctrinating women to marry at age 12 and reproduce as much as possible in the exact same right there is propaganda encouraging women to go to college right now.

Young marriage would be equally as popular as “empowered women” because the sentiments of the peasant, especially those of women, are formed by the perceived public perception of something, which the person then agrees with in order to avoid risk by amalgamating with society and social expectations. With enough social pressure through propaganda in the media and in schools, there would be no question of the validity of this policy an expectation, especially considering the endless immutable empirical evidence that supports this model and condemns contraception.

Women in the workforce should be the back-up plan if the woman is unable to bear children or unfit to bear children. There is no point in “selling the stock” by expecting the woman to perform labor rather than “taking the dividend” and expecting the woman to bear children. She should only be “sold” into the workforce if she cannot bear children, thus yield “dividends”.

The Cause of Increasing Childlessness

This is the rate of childlessness among women in the USA.

This childlessness rate shows the incredible flaw. This is incredibly problematic, as 78% of women aged 20–24 have already lost the decade which produce the offspring of the highest biological quality. These increasing childlessness rates will readily push themselves up into the later age groups as the currently childless women age.

This shift in culture from age 30 and below is brought about by the internet, which has indoctrinated people (including myself) that their own self-righteous interests are more valuable and pertinent than the expectations of society, the health of the economy, and the future of our species.

This is because the internet gives us a platform and pedestal to put ourselves on, creating the illusion that our selfishness is somehow validated by the fact that our picture, our words, and our arguments appear on the screen in the same right as state-approved propaganda from major media sources which display the largest news of the day. The computer is our vanity mirror and our window to the world at the same time, and we see our own petty existence as equally as significant and impactful as the most significant global events.

This creates an incredible degree of self-righteousness and egotism because we essentially spend all day staring into the mirror of the internet and attempting to get people to look at us. The internet strips us of much of the physical interaction which would normally convey social pressure and social norms which people then conform to, including the traditional expectations of prior generations such as marriage and childbirth.

The fertility rate is already collapsing, and these increasing rates of childlessness will continue to cause endless problems for the banks as they lack people who seek loans. Beyond that, the few businesses that do seek loans will find that they have fewer laborers to employ. These businesses will find that due to supply and demand, the scarce laborers demand higher wages, and this hurts the profitability of the business and thus the profitability of the loan offered by the bank due to the increased risk of insolvency on the part of the business.

The current social expectations of contraceptive use and unmarried, educated, childless women are essentially two bullets in the skull of the actual, real banks. To see people genuinely believe that an “all-powerful oligarchy of bankers” voluntarily allows itself to be executed like this in broad daylight by social policy is disconcerting.

Laborer Quality, the Second Flaw

The second major flaw in this conspiracy is the complete disregard for laborer quality demonstrated in the West. A banker desires laborers that are of the highest quality, just like how any business seeks to deal in goods that are of the highest quality. If the banks were in charge of things, they would work hard to ensure the highest quality of laborer is produced, because higher quality laborers have more potential earnings, thus greater capacity to utilize larger loans which are profitable for the banks.

Again, the desires of the banks are starkly and clearly contradicted by the policies of the government. The propaganda which attempts to capitalize upon women’s labor in the workforce is pushing those of the highest genetic quality away from reproduction.

This graph shows the birth rate by income, and by the basic reasoning that those who are the most profitable are those with the highest quality with most redeemable genetics. The presumption is that successful men marry successful women. This means that these most profitable genetics are failing to reproduce because both partners meet the expectation of being able to become educated and produce valuable labor.

Those who are successful find themselves too busy and intelligent to reproduce. (Intro to Idiocracy, a 2006 movie joking about this fact) They understand that they don’t have the time to have children and raise children, so they avoid doing it and focus on their work. Those with less engaging careers, those with less capacity to manage their money, and those more prone to traditional thinking as opposed to the precocious accrual of contemporary indoctrination are those most prone to having children.

Ultimately, the traits in laborers which make them least successful are being concentrated by the higher birth rates among these people, while the traits in laborers that make them the most successful are being culled due to the diminished birth rate experienced by successful people.

The Importance of Quality

Banking is a business, they operate on the principle that money coming in remains greater than the money being spent, this is the concept of profit. Looking at the profitability of each person by their income level, if the banks were in control of the federal government, they would seek to minimize the production of unprofitable laborers from the bottom quintile and maximize the number of laborers produced from the profitable 4th and 5th quintiles.

(Quintiles explained in the above pictures)

These are basic economic constraints operating as metrics that define a simple system of artificial selection, but just as every farmer who deals in livestock or animals always seeks to ensure the highest quality genetics in his livestock, the bankers would do the same thing with their labor population. This is because the banker’s livelihood relies upon the quality. health, and profitability of his laborer in the same right that the dairy farmer’s livelihood relies upon the quality, health, and profitability of his dairy cows.

There is no dairy farmer that would seek to sterilize his best milk cows and instead maximize the reproduction of his least profitable milk cows, but this is exactly what the government is doing with the propaganda pushing the involvement of women in education and in the workforce. The women who are successful in this respect experience diminished reproduction, while those who are unsuccessful in this regard generally reproduce at the highest rate.

Using these metrics to both curb undesirable fertility and increase desirable fertility would be the next major step after ensuring that fertility rates return to the natural level of each woman having 6 or more children on average.

These economic metrics would be utilized as the guiding factors of a form of traditional animal husbandry being applied through soft forces such as propaganda and legislation. These methods would be utilized in the absence of more extensive genetic metrics and genetic modification that have come to replace the traditional process of animal husbandry in all fields that actively rear livestock for profit, with the exception of banking.

Banking has generally been prohibited from applying animal husbandry to their population of laborers due to a lack of control over the people, but also the historical misconception that humans are in some way different from animals which is usually seen in philosophies such as idealism and humanism.

Humans are mammals no different than any other mammalian livestock, so the application of proper animal husbandry would equally as much increase the value and profitability of humans as it has in cattle, dogs, sheep, and every other domesticated animal.

There is No Banking Cabal

When you compare the interests of bankers to the cultural paradigms and legislation that define the Western World, it is clear to see that the culture preached by the media, the government, and academia are incredibly hostile to the well-being and success of bankers.

There is no possible way that any secret oligarchy of banking elites could be in control of the Western World, because the policy and culture created by the establishment are so incredibly harmful to the success of banks.

The culture and policy shifts which have occurred in the West over the past 80 years have been the equivalent of domestic terrorism which explicitly targets and maims the banks. The laborers are increasingly impotent and the quality of labor is decreasing, and these facts are the deathknell of any sort of successful banking endeavor in the West.

The most sensible explanation for this commonplace conspiracy is that the “Evil Banker” conspiracy itself has been created and aggressively disseminated by these same forces that actively seek to maim the banking sector.

This lie of an “Evil Banking Oligarchy” is used by anti-banking propagandists to trick peasants into hating the banks and blaming banks for their problems, despite the fact that these problems generally stem from a misbegotten nature, poor decision making, and insufficient mental capacity to manage money.

The propagandists say “The bank has money, but you don’t. This means it’s the bank’s fault that you don’t have money.” The issue with this logic is that it says “Joe can walk, but you’re in a wheelchair. That means it’s Joe’s fault that you can’t walk.” which is clearly nonsense.

Unfortunately, basic logic is generally beyond the grasp of the everyman who instead feels indignant when exposed to this anti-banking rhetoric and propaganda because it “makes enough sense” to him. It’s plain to see that the major proponents of this propaganda are the media and academia, often empowered by the sport of peasant-coddling as performed by the federal government. The combination of these three forces causes a major push for policy and culture that empirically cripples the success of banks.

What about the Jewish Element?

The “Jewish” element is the tricky part here. Banks have historically had a large amount of Jewish influence. Jews are also heavily involved in the media. The consistent attack of “Jewish” banking by “Jewish” media shows some sort of internal conflict among two major “Jewish conspirators” that many people falsely believe work hand-in-hand.

The media is clearly a vicious opponent of banking and consistently maims it. The media indoctrinates peasants to demand policy which further cripples the banks such as legal contraception and the education of women. Despite both parties being allegedly controlled by Jews, there is such disaccord between the groups that there is no possibility of some cabal.

In reality, the media claims to be synonymous with banks by claiming both are “owned and operated by Jews”. The media convinces the peasants to maim banks, then claims to be the victim by citing that they are equally as Jewish as the banks thus equally as much threatened by antisemitism.

The problem is that the media is the reason why the banks are being maimed and why antisemitism against banking occurs. The media is ultimately instructing their peasants to attack, then fraudulently claiming to be the victim of an assault they are responsible for

This would be like if America spent billions of dollars on propaganda convincing Mexico to attack Guatemala, then turned around and claimed to be the victim of aggression from Mexico.

While there are powerful Jews involved in both banking and in the media, there is by no means any sort of collusion between the groups or “Jewish cabal”. The media is incredibly antagonistic towards banking, and everybody suffers due to this due to the rapidly decreasing quality and stability of the Western laborer population.

The source of this conflict could be some sort of infighting between Jewish groups similar to the Protestant vs Catholic feud seen in places like Ireland, because there is little if any empirical reason for the media to attack banks other than spite or jealousy.

Some people like to attribute occultism as a major motivation of the “evil elite”, but since occultism is harmful to the yield and stability of the strictly empirical banking, there is no capacity for any banking oligarchy to put faith in these things.

It is possible that the media has succumbed to occult beliefs due to the similar nature of the trade of media and those who would traditionally lead cults. The media just talks and people listen, that’s all any cult leader has ever done. Both the media and cult leaders are just very, very good at talking, and often this power with words tends to corrupt people because they start to believe their own lies.

Bankers, in contrast, are constrained by the empiricism regarding the rearing and upkeep of livestock (laborers) for profit, which means that unprofitable occult beliefs are strictly at odds with the self-interest of the banks.

The media, on the other hand, is constrained only by the popularity of their narratives, which means that their typical methods of decision making are bound only by the same constraints that define those of any popular social faith-based movement such as religion or cults.


There is no cabal that involves the banks, and if there is a cabal that exists, it seeks to aggressively harm and maim the banking system. The paradigms of the Western world are so detrimental to banking that they contradict the possibility of any involvement of the banks in the formation of the directives which dictate the course of Western culture.

Banking is incredibly beneficial as it allows the organization of labor and concentration of funds producing profound benefits from the economy of scale. The media has done nothing but cripple banks to the point of potential collapse. We as peasants, being the mutualistic and voluntary livestock of the banks, are maimed in the process, becoming victims of this scorched-earth policy used by the media, presumably as a means to the end of harming banks.

The conspiracy that “Jewish banking” is somehow involved in the cultural paradigm shifts of the past 80 years is itself propaganda created by anti-banking entities, since the vast majority of cultural shifts in the past 80 years have done nothing but reduce birth rates and reduce the quality of laborers, both of which cause immense damage to the stability and success of banks.

The fact that people believe that the banks voluntarily use the media and federal policy to commit suicide is unsettling, but it does demonstrate the predisposition of powerful entities to stage the deaths of their enemies in such a way that the deaths appear to be “suicide”.

The banks are not voluntarily committing suicde, they are being murdered and then blamed for their own murder.

Marzipan is a peasant, author of books, and advocate of improving social and economic orchestration.

Used to write things, a couple books. Delusions of being able to help humanity faded. Now I'm mostly just waiting to die.