Victim Shaming White Men with a Victim Complex

A Criticism of Reddit’s Double-Think; Further Explanation Below

The point being that the “Victim complex” has been the only reliable tool for producing meaningful change in the past 400 years. Regardless of whether or not anyone is a victim in your opinion, this doesn’t change the fact that depriving a group of people from the use of the victim complex is essentially changing the rules just to penalize that group. This would be like having a boxing tournament where 15 of the 16 fighters could use their hands, but one fighter had his hands tied behind their back.

Clearly when the hands (victim complex) of the White men are tied behind their back (publicly forbidden and condemned), then the White men are going to try to kick (mass shootings / extremism) when they get punched in the face every hour of the day by the 15 other groups of people allowed to use their fists (victim complex).

This is the key problem, and condemning these people for using a victim complex is doing nothing but arguing that they should be committing acts of terror instead.

Victim complexes have created every problem in the past 400 years, including America. Empathy for victims is a poison. In reality, nobody is a victim, if you claim to be a “victim”, you were asking for it 100%, no rebuttal. You chose to be the victim because you didn’t make your victimizer the victim first. That’s how victimhood works.

Victim complexes do nothing but reward people for losing, and by doing this, you are essentially saying “The biggest and most insufferable loser is the winner.” People who are least capable of being successful are given the best score because their victimhood metrics are higher. This is rewarding failure, rather than success, and when success is condemned as the reason as to why these groups are “victims” you are doubling-down on this irrational logic by punishing those who are successful.

You wouldn’t be a victim if you weren’t a failure. You failed, thus you became the victim. If you succeeded, your victimizer would have become the victim. Rewarding failure to be successful is crippling the ability of society to make progress, because any time we make progress, another “victim group” always shows up to become a dead weight and a burden upon this progress due to their entitlement afforded to them by “victimhood”.

Cry all you want, but these are the facts. I know facts hold no water in the minds of most people due to having been riddled full of bullets of delusion, idealism, ethics, and all sorts of dysfunctional drivel which argues we should apply “Storybook Fairy Tale logic” to the real world, then become angry and complain when this inherently fictional and dysfunctional logic doesn’t produce anywhere near the results in reality that it was capable of producing in the Fairy Tale.

Reality is not a Fairy Tale, and you are not entitled to compensation because of the fact that reality is not a Fairy Tale.

Used to write things, a couple books. Delusions of being able to help humanity faded. Now I'm mostly just waiting to die.